SteadyLaser™ - Anti-shake laser pointer!

World's only laser pointer with anti-shake technology. Your hand may shake, but the laser dot stays smooth.

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Whether it be from nervousness or natural hand tremor - very often your laser pointer dot is not as smooth as you'd like. Our patented invention solves this problem. The SteadyLaser™ is a laser pointer with anti-shake technology that keeps your laser dot smooth even when your hand is shaking.

Even normally steady hands can become shaky when you're nervous and speaking in front of a group. A shaky laser dot makes the audience uncomfortable and can cause you to get more nervous. Physiological tremor and increased distance to the target exacerbate the problem - as does caffeine.

All of these factors make conventional laser pointers difficult and nerve racking to use. Our patented invention solves these problems by stabilizing the beam from unwanted hand tremors to allow smooth, stable, and precise laser pointing and tracing - helping you give a better presentation.

Our invention features a novel two axis inertial stabilization mechanism that filters out pan and tilt hand tremor disturbances (typically >2Hz) imparted to the line of sight of the housing. The mechanism includes a precision balanced two axis gimbal supported by miniature jewel bearings that is stabilized by a tuned magnetic spring and damper system. The result is that the laser inside can move independently from the body of the pointer - so it remains steady even as the housing jitters. SteadyLaser eliminates laser jitter concerns and allows you to point and trace precisely and confidently.

This is a universal problem, and that there are millions of people whose presentations could be much better with a SteadyLaser laser pointer; business people giving presentations to their colleagues, sales people selling their wares, teachers and college professors, lawyers and expert witnesses pointing to evidence in court, and doctors pointing out anatomy during medical conferences. Then there are the thousands of business conference rooms around the world, and each one of these should have a SteadyLaser.

Features and Description

The SteadyLaser™ laser pointer features both an anti-shake laser and a conventional laser, with separate buttons so you can use either one. This makes it perfect as a conference room pointer.

The SteadyLaser™ laser pointer is perfect for anyone who gives presentations using a laser pointer - from seasoned professionals to people who only present occasionally.

  • Sales presentations to potential customers
  • Business and financial meetings
  • Doctors pointing out anatomy in slides
  • Expert witnesses pointing to evidence in court
  • Engineers and architects presenting designs
  • Public speakers
  • Military briefings
  • Teachers and college professors

The SteadyLaser includes the following:

  • One anti-shake Class 2 635nm Red <1mW laser
  • One conventional Class 2  635nm Red <1mW laser
  • Two individual laser power buttons
  • Dimensions are subject to change
  • Requires two AAA batteries


SteadyLaser Licensing

SteadyLaser Corporation owns two patents related to hand held laser pointers stabilized against hand tremor. US 7762684 claims the concept in general as well as specific implementations. US 7553048 claims a stabilized mirror system that allows the laser module to be fixed to the housing.

SteadyLaser will consider licensing offers. Big markets include stabilized laser pointers, presentation remote controls with a stabilized laser function, hand held laser range finders, and hand held military laser targeting systems.

Our technology offers an exclusive advantage in these markets. Please email us with serious inquiries.

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About SteadyLaser

SteadyLaser Corporation was formed by two engineers with more than 45 years of combined experience designing, developing, and shipping electromechanical products.

Daniel Sanchez and Jeff Wilson have over 50 patents in the fields of surgical robotics, medical instrumentation, and consumer devices. Jeff first conceived of a hand tremor stabilized laser pointer after giving a difficult presentation. Several years and two patents later, SteadyLaser was born.

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